Undergraduate Minor

To Declare a Minor

To declare a minor, students can meet with the undergraduate advisor for Disability Studies:
MaryKatherine Ramsey
421 Denney Hall
164 Annie and John Glenn Ave.

For additional information, please contact the Disability Studies director, Professor Margaret Price, at price.1225@osu.edu.

Semester Minor Requirements

The Disability Studies minor [pdf] consists a minimum of 14 credit hours of course work. Of these, 12 hours must be from outside your major field (and other minor fields). Once the Disability Studies advisor has approved the Minor Program Form, you should file the form with your college.

Required core 6 credit hours:

  • English 2277 Introduction to Disability Studies (3)
  • Speech and Hearing Science 4510 Disability Studies in Context (3)

Select at least three courses from the following list. All prerequisites must be satisfied for the courses selected. At least 3 credit hours must at the 3000 level or above. No more than one course can be taken from the student’s chosen major area. No more than 2 hours of Disability Studies 5700 Disability Studies Workshop can be applied toward the minor. No more than 3 hours of Disability Studies 5191 Disability Studies Internship can be applied toward the minor.

Undergraduate Minor Coursework (8 or more credit hours)

American Sign Language

  • 3350 American Deaf Arts and Literature (3)


  • 5630 Language and Culture in Education (3)

Art Education

  • 5708 Disability and Visual Culture: Issues of Representation in Art and Popular Culture (3)

Disability Studies

  • 5191 Disability Studies Internship (1-3)
  • 5700 Disability Studies Workshop (1-3)

Education: Teaching and Learning

  • 5471 Clinical Practice in Treating Reading Disabilities (3)
  • 5504 Inclusion: Philosophical, Social and Practice Issues: Secondary Education (3)

Educational Studies: Special Education

  • 5557 Language and Children with Disabilities (3)
  • 5650 Introduction to Exceptional Children (3)


  • 2367.06 Composing Disability in the U.S.
  • 4410 Healthcare Experiences: Observing, Reading, Writing (3)
  • 4597.01 The Disability Experience in the Contemporary World (3)

Health and Rehabilitation Science

  • 5620 Aging, Accessibility, and Design (3)

Health Services Management and Policy (Public Health)

  • 7640 Mental Health & Disability Policy (3)*

Kinesiology: Physical Education

  • 5657 Sport and Disability (3)


  • 3331 Abnormal Psychology (3)
  • 4571 Psychology of Developmental Disabilities (3)
  • 5681 Development and Psychopathology (3)


  • 2290 Sociology of Death and Dying (3)
  • 5450 Sociology of Global Health & Illness (3)
  • 5629 Health Disparities in Social Context (3)

Speech and Hearing Science

  • 3350 Speech Language Communication Across the Life Span: Issues and Problems in Our Communities (3)
  • 4530 Introduction to Autism (3)
  • 5605 Multicultural Aspects of Communication (3)
  • 5714 Introduction to Sign Language (3)

Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

  • 2325 Issues in Women's Health (3)
  • 2326 Women and Addiction: A Feminist Perspective (3)

Selections from this group must be made in consultation with the Disability Studies advisor, as some courses are variable topics courses, which only occasionally focus on disability studies. All prerequisites must be satisfied for the courses selected.

* Undergraduates can enroll in graduate courses only with the permission of the instructor and by petition to the Graduate School.

Quarter-to-Semester Transition Policy

Any completed Quarter courses that met the requirements of the minor prior to program conversion will be accepted. Credits will be converted from Quarter to Semester hours. This policy will be maintained even if a student declares the minor after the University has switched to Semester system. Contact the Disability Studies Undergraduate Advisor with questions.