Academic Programs

Undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies

The Undergraduate Minor in Disability Studies provides you with meaningful coursework to understand how disability intersects with gender, race, class, age, and sexuality. Disability Studies has been offered as a multidisciplinary undergraduate minor in the Colleges of the Arts and Sciences since 2003 and it is now one of the largest interdisciplinary minors at OSU! Students can pursue opportunities related to disability after graduation, whether that is graduate education, non-profit work, or working with people with disabilities.

The minor requires at least 14 hours of coursework, including English 2277 Introduction to Disability Studies, and Speech and Hearing 4510 Disability Studies in Context. We also offer flexible study opportunities through the Disability Studies Workshop and the Internship in Disability Studies for busy undergraduates. For more information about courses, contacting the student advisor, and developing your program of study, visit the Undergraduate Minor Requirements page.

Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Disability Studies

A Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Disability Studies (GIS-DS) is a perfect complement to a variety of graduate degrees in the humanities, social sciences, health fields, human services, business, and the physical sciences. The Ohio State University began offering The Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization in Disability Studies (GIS-DS) in 2006 to provide graduate students the opportunity to pursue a coherent specialization in Disability Studies in addition to their concentrated study within a major field.

The GIS-DS requires 14-16 hours of coursework, selected from from a list of electives including Disability Studies 6700 Introduction to Graduate Study in Disability Studies, Disability Studies 7700 Disability Studies Research Forum, and courses from a total of 17 departments across campus. Once complete, you will receive the GIS-DS designation on your transcript. For more information, including specific requirements, see the GIS program requirements page.

Quarter-to-Semester Conversion

Quarter-system requirements remained in effect through the end of the Spring 2012 Quarter. The Disability Studies minor and GIS have been largely unaffected by OSU's adoption of a semester-based academic calendar, though requirements and course offerings did undergo some minor changes in the transition. The minor and GIS program pages detail these specific requirements. Students should contact the Disability Studies Undergraduate Student Advisor with questions and to plan a smooth transition from quarters to semesters.