Undergraduate (Minor) Spring 2014

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Disability Studies

5191 Disability Studies Internship(1-3)

16379 Contact Helen Irene Malone for more information.


Education and Human Ecology: Teaching and Learning

5471 Clinical Practice in Treating Reading Disabilities(3)

ONLINE: Contact instructor Dorothy L Morrison for more information

5504 Inclusion: Philosophical, Social and Practical Issues: Secondary Education(3)

Meets on M, 7:05-9:45 pm, Arps Hall 0243 Instructors: Manjula Peter Joseph, Tiffany Ann Wild


Educational Studies: Special Education

5650 Introduction to Exceptional Children(3)

Meets on W, 4:10-6:50 pm, Campbell Hall 0200 Instructor: Kristall Jean Day

5769 Delivering Effective Services to Enhance the Inclusion of Students with Special Needs(3)

Meets on T, 4:10-6:50 pm, Baker Systems 0188 Instructor: Sheila Alber Morgan



4597.01 The Disability Experience in the Contemporary World(3)

Meets on WF, 2:20-3:40 pm, Ramseyer Hall 0009 Instructor: Kristen Lee Johnson


Health and Rehabilitation Science

7620 Aging, Accessibility, and Design(3)

Meets on W, 4-6 pm, TBA Instructor: Margaret Hale Teaford



7509 Special Education Practicum(2-4)

Meets on M, 3:55-6:35 pm, Drinko Hall 0351 Instructor: Ruth Colker



3331 Abnormal Psychology(3)

Meets on MWF, 8-8:55 am, Page Hall 0020 Instructor: Shannon Nicole Hollars


Social Work

7717 Interdisciplinary Seminar on Developmental Disabilities(3)

Meets on M, 4-6:45 pm, TBA Instructor: Paula Carole Rabidoux



2290 Sociology of Death and Dying(3)

Meets on MWF, 10:20-11:15 am, Lazenby Hall 0002 Instructor: Staff

5450 Sociology of Global Health & Illness(3)

Meets on WF, 12:45-2:05 pm, Lazenby Hall 0034 Instructor: Kammi K. Schmeer

5629 Health Disparities in Social Context(3)

Meets on T Th, 11:10-12:30 pm, Lazenby Hall 0034 Instructor: Cynthia Gene Colen


Speech and Hearing Science

2230 Introduction to Communication and Its Disorders(3)

Meets on T Th, 3:55-5:15 pm, Hitchcock Hall 0035 Instructor: Jennifer Brello

4510 Disability Studies in Context(3)

Meets on MW, 8-9:20 am, Pressy Hall 0035 Instructor: Evelyn M Hoglund

5605 Multicultural Aspects of Communication and Its Disorders(3)

Meets on T Th, 5:30-6:50 pm, Mount Hall 0145 Instructors: Jennifer Peterson Lundine, Monique T Mills

5714 Introduction to Sign Language(3)

Meets on T Th, 11:30 am-12:25 pm, Ramseyer Hall 0065 Instructor: Marcia Jo Woodfill


Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies

2325 Issues in Women's Health(3)

ONLINE Contact instructor Alyson Day for more information

2326 Women and Addiction: A Feminist Perspective(3)

ONLINE Contact instructor Sarah T Carnahan for more information