Picture for armstrong.202

Philip Armstrong
Department of Comparative Studies

Picture for wyman.1

Wyman Bostwick
Department of Math (Emeritus)

Picture for brueggemann.1

Brenda Brueggemann
Department of English

Picture for colker.2

Ruth Colker
Moritz College of Law

Picture for eisenhauer.9

Jennifer Eisenhauer
Department of Art Education

Picture for fish.1

Thomas Fish
College of Social Work; Nisonger Center

Picture for fox.2

Robert Fox
Department of Speech & Hearing Science

Picture for gregoire.5

Thomas Gregoire
College of Social Work

Picture for brutus.0

Margo Izzo
Associate Director, Nisonger Center

Picture for brutus.0

Rebecca (Natalie) Jackson
OSU Medical Center, Department of Internal Medicine; Director, Women's Health center

Picture for koenigsknecht.1

Roy A. Koenigsknecht
Department of Speech and Hearing Science

Picture for lissner.2

L. Scott Lissner
ADA Coordinator

Picture for paul.3

Peter Paul
College of Education & Human Ecology, School of Teaching & Learning

Picture for petri.1

Ken Petri
ADA Coordinator's Office

Picture for rissing.2

Steven Rissing
Department of Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology

Picture for shuman.1

Amy Shuman
Director, Disability Studies Program; Professor, Departments of English; Anthropology; Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies; Comparative Studies

Picture for stone.158

R. Brian Stone
Industrial, Interior & Visual Communication Design

Picture for brutus.0

Joe Wheaton
College of Education & Human Ecology, School of Physical Activity & Educational Services, Special Education Program